Mission Statement


The DePace Sports Museum and Library of Champions is an internationally-renowned collection of historically-significant artifacts. These original sports collectables span several centuries. This nonprofit Museum will be housed inside of a notable edifice, which has been renovated for our needs, in local Collingswood, New Jersey.

The Museum’s charitable missions are as follows:

1. Contribute and support the youth teams of various sports with emphasis on need. This includes—but is not limited to—the supply of uniforms, equipment, program support, and various components of facilities and fields.

2. The Museum will serve to educate and inspire the individual in sportsmanship, leadership, and appreciation of championship-caliber behavior. This mission is intended to build one’s self esteem and integrity through sports as the vehicle.

3. Additional educational mission will further inform people of all ages of the significance of sports and its relationship to world history. Emphasis will be placed on sports as a medium to integrate individuals of all ages and ethnicities to work in a team approach.

4. This mission is to emphasize the humanitarianism, dedication, and conscientious work ethics that the champions in various sports have demonstrated. It is intended that the DePace Sports Museum and Library of Champions will continue in a philanthropic mode. Many of the great sports champions of the past will work with present-day and future aspiring athletes. The Museum will support academic and sports-related scholarships and other educational youth-related projects.

5. To aid and support various Animal Shelters and Rescues in the Collingswood, New Jersey area.

6. Support various organizations that provide education and assistance to disabled children such as Bancroft

7. Support the Joe Frazier Scholarship Fund that provides assistance for educational, recreational and social programs to At Risk youth, 13-19 years of age in the Philadelphia area.

8. Educate individuals with substance and/or alcohol addiction through organizations like Seabrook House.

9. A portion of Funding and Donations received are used to fund our research into Autonomic Dysfunction and related health issues at Franklin Cardiovascular Associates, PA .