About us


The Dr. DePace private foundation was started in 2013 and the public foundation for the museum in 2014.

The DePace private foundation contains some of the most treasured sports artifacts in sports history. Included amongst these are the actual fight worn trunks of the first Muhammad Ali / Joe Frazier fight in 1971 (The “Fight of the Century”), A Babe Ruth 1927-1929 Yankees Game worn road jersey, and the School Sisters of Notre Dame Honus Wagner T-206 card.

The public non-profit museum at any given time will display thousands of historically significant sports artifacts. Many of these items will be contributed by the private foundation, from Dr. DePace’s personal collection (over 35 years of collecting), items on loan from various sports stars, and items on loan from sports memorabilia collectors.

The Museum will have a comprehensive Sports Library and Learning Center. Included among the educational tools will be interactive exhibits, videos, an extensive photo collection and the largest sports art collection in the world.

Highlighted in the museum will be the historical significance of all sports and their influence on integration and diversity of all the world’s citizens.